June 11, 2007

Otter Bar

Being on holiday is tough for a kiwi...

The last couple of weeks have been filled with teaching kayaking and eating amazing food. There has been a kiwi invasion of northern California over the past month here at Otter Bar. We currently have four Kiwi instructors teaching at Otter Bar this week meaning that we have a 100% NZ instructional team. The locals (Americans) must get a bit of a shock when they drive more than 8+ hours to Otter Bar and they are faced with a group of foreign nationals for the week.

Otter Bar... hard place to relax. yeah right

Teaching kayaking in California is very different to the NZ style of teaching. First off, instead of being in the pool at 8am and teaching rolling we sit down and eat a cooked breakfast with clients and relax into the morning. From here its kind of the same but at a more relaxed pace. After packing our gourmet lunches its off the river for the day to kayak the pristine
waters of the Salmon River and soak up the days warmth (usually around 30 degrees).

Back at base around 5.30pm to wash the rigs down and then it's time to enjoy the evening before yet another delicious cooked meal prepared by the fantastic cooks. Ahhh, better do it all again tomorrow.

staying in touch with the world, go wireless

Well, I may have glazed over some off the actual work that we do here but, teaching kayaking in the Salmon River is a pretty good way to make a living.

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