September 10, 2007

Back to the Land of the Long White Cloud

Ben Huckstep stepping up for the man challenge. 4x4 burger animal style... phoar!
The last supper (almost) for me on Californian soil

Things have chilled out a lot over the past few weeks. I have left the hustle and bustle of the States and headed back home to NZ. It has been a well come change to get back home and hang out with family and friends. The change couldn't be more obvious than getting into NZ at 5am on a scorching 3oC morning after a sweat fest in L.A in 35oC heat only 12 hours earlier.

Home sweet as home

Moving from my last few days in the chaos that is urban America with strip mall after strip mall to the farm a few irritated cows going in for a drench… How good is air travel eh!

second day in NZ and moving cattle. So long international man of mystery

I have tagged in some of the ‘other’ photos from various trips and travels over the past three months or so overseas.

I’m now in Wellington busily tapping away on the computer most days organising my up coming trip to India.

The folks 'office'

I fly out to Delhi on the 14th of October to meet our International team of boaters and then head up into northern India to search out some of the fantastic kayaking found in the area. We are looking at heading in and paddling some of the tributaries to the Ganges River.

If anyone has any bright ideas or bits of advice feel free to check them in below…. Cheer.

My days as of late have been spent booking and re-booking flights, trying to source maps, sorting, finding and begging for gear. I also trying to get a few sponsors on board as well to smooth things along a little. The interweb and email is definitely earning its keep as our team of six are currently in six different countries dotted all over the globe.

I haven’t been out in a boat since my return and am kayakless. All is not lost though because the team at Bliss-Stick have a new boat on the way for me. Go them!

Truth be known it has been great to wander around 'up right' for a while and not tucked inside a kayak.

For those who are not in NZ. The country kind of comes to a grinding halt for the next six weeks with the rugby world cup on in France. I'm doing my part up in the 'grandstand'. You'll note the beer fridge at arms length. Dangerous!

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