June 23, 2008

Only in NZ

Only in New Zealand could you paddle around a river bend in the middle of a walled out gorge to find a dead pig on one side and a cotton clad hunter on the other.

I was teaching on the Anawhenua River near NZ's infamous Urewera's with a group of students. We paddled around the corner to find a guy about to swim across the river to try and recover a pig he had shot. His plan from there was to jump in the river and swim down until he could get out with the pig. After convincing him that it would be a really bad idea (air temp 8
oC and the water not much warmer), Alan Ferguson and I pulled the 50+kg boar into the river and ferried it back across to him... If he had swum he was looking at about 700m before he could get out, plus all the white water. All in track pants. Darwinism in action!

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