April 1, 2009

Action Packed

The past three months
have found me in a state of perpetual motion. Teaching kayaking has kept the schedule full to the point of being full on. Tag Buller Festival into the mix and things have been a little crazy here in Murchison.

Shannon Mast battling it out in the Matakitaki Boater X
Photo: Zak Shaw

This year saw Karl Reece and I team up to make Buller Festival the best one so far (I'm not bias, honest). Having spent six years behind the scenes with the weekend it has been great growing it from strength to strength.

Quarter Finals Action. Bradley Lauder out in front. Not too sure about these North Islanders taking out Buller Fest
Photo: Zak Shaw

Teva Buller festival had some very cool firsts in 2009. First up, Teva stepped up their commitment to the event despite the tough times for this global brand. Big ups to Sarah Foote and the team behind her.

This year also had the greatest number of competitors ever. We managed to crack the magic 100 mark in the Boater X held on the Friday. This trend continued through the weekend peaking with over 500 revelers Rocking the Buller and the Ultimate Descents base to the foundations on the Saturday night.

Me vs. the crowd in Murchison's biggest ever game of paper, scissors rock. The prize, a brand new customised Bliss-Stick Mystic creek boat. Score!

Post Teva Buller Festival come down was quickly washed away with a few stellar trips down to the coast (my second home) and some white water therapy. Can't beat it. I was lucky enough to get down the Upper Hoki with an All Star team.

West Coast taxi services care of Bruce Dando
Photo: Zak Shaw

We had a fantastic day out. Good mates, good water, the Hoki gorges need I say more. It was topped off with a fantastic swim sequence from Porno Pete and JJ Shepard. Poetry in motion.

Folk often ask 'why?' and refer to our pursuit of happiness as 'crazy' when we seemingly put ourselves in harms way to paddle hard water. Until you are there you won't understand. Until then a amazing photo from Zak Shaw might give you a small insight. For more of his mint images check out passion4adventure

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