November 24, 2009

Grand Canyon and more...

Of late I have been a neglectful blogger. This is partly due to the fact that I have been pretty much internet-less for the past few months... and that I have been pretty busy out and about on adventures.

In an effort to catch back up with things.... a collection of images from last few adventures in the States.

Camping at the diving board

Showering Canyon style. Ohh yeah

Um, dried mud...

Checking out some old graineries

The Grand Canyon, AMAZING!

Getting ready for another beautiful camp

Rush hour at the Ballroom

And then there was Burning Man. Complete contrast to the Grand Canyon and cool in so many other ways. 30 000 people in the Nevada desert, 7 days and one massive party. Choice!

Home, sweet desert home

Man, man?

South Central

Burning Man, cool art and semi naked russian chicks..

At night we play

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Anonymous said...

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