July 24, 2010

California 20ten. part 2

Having such a stella team of keeners meant that we covered a lot of ground. With lots of paddling to be had in Cali we managed to squeeze in a trip to Vail and check out the Teva Mountain Games. We packed all the gear we needed into Mum and turned east for the long drive to Colorado. Little did we know that we were embarking on a trip of legend. The 'kiwi house' in downtown Vail became quickly known around town. Ryan managed to uphold the 'kayakers' reputation in town and was arrested... but that's an entirely different story.

Doing my best to stay on top of things

Toni George repping hard. Watch this space paddling world

Keeping it road side on I80. Summit Run on the Yuba

Man love in the desert... Hmmm

It was this big....

Downtown Vail. Nice!

In car entertainment kiwi style. Ipod, duct tape and rear vision mirror. Sweet bix!

Back in Cali we were back on the goods scoring more laps on the Upper Middle Consumnes. I finally put my demons to rest on the South Merced with a sweet run down there with Rachel Moore and the always sweet Jamie Garrod.

Joining the dots on the South Merced

Sam Roil choosing life on the Middle Feather

Rachel Moore... not bad for a rafter

Barney and Jordy quite... amazing

No snakes harmed in the publishing of this blog. For real

Team Athlete carbo loading

Slides anayone? Yes please South Merced

Jamie staying out of trouble. Boofing is healthy

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